John Deere 2 Series Compact Utility Tractor

Run with us. Because a great small tractor should have great big options.

Compare John Deere 2 Series Models

Engine HP PTO HP Auto Connect Drive-Over Loader Capacity Details
2038R 36.7 30.4 Up to 72″ Deck 220R / 1,120lbs Click to View
2032R 31.2 24.2 Up to 72″ Deck 220R / 1,120lbs Click to View
2025R 24.2 18 Up to 60″ Deck 120R / 840lbs Click to View

Looking for a compact tractor that will go the distance? From the AutoConnect™ Drive Over mower deck to a height of cut dial for a precise cut as well as easy access for oil checks, the 2 Series have what all small tractors should have: fine-tuned engineering. Add a loader, backhoe and blade and you have the perfect mini landscaper. The result is a great sub-compact or compact tractor that can landscape and mow a lawn. John Deere 2 series compact utility tractors are heavier and sturdier than the 1 Series but are just as easy and comfortable to use.

CommandCut Height of Cut Technology

  • Electronic actuator allows for exact cutting heights every time
  • Visibility on the dash LCD display
  • Achieve uniform cut heights, even when reinstalling the mower deck

John Deere 2R Series vs the Kubota B50

  • Weight and Stability | Winner = John Deere
  • Comfort | Winner = John Deere
  • Overall Value | Winner = John Deere

270 B Quick-Tach Backhoe (Optional)

  • 3-point Hitch Quick-attach Mounting System
  • Upgraded valve provides smooth hydraulics for precise control
  • Large, easy-access step and hand brace

Ergonomic Operator Station

  • Strategically placed controls
  • Wide and comfortable operator station
  • Twin-Touch Foot Controls

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