John Deere 3 Series Compact Utility Tractors

Run with Us. Because affordability and attachability are a lot of ability.

3D Tractors

Wagon Hauling Small Tractors

24.7-42.2 HP
Open Station
Heavy-Duty Drivetrain
Simple Gear Drive Transmission 8F/8R
Four-wheel drive
Optional iMatch™ Quik Hitch attachments.

3E Tractors

Small Farm and Landscape Tractors

24.7-37.3 HP
Open Station
Twin Touch™ hydrostatic controls
Four-wheel drive
Optional iMatch™ Quik Hitch attachments.

3R Tractors

Premium Compact Utility Tractors

32.2-45.3 HP
3-Range Twin Touch™ hydrostatic controls or PowrReverser™ 12F/12R
Optional Cab with heat/AC
Optional AutoConnect™ Mid Mount Mower Deck

Compare John Deere 3 Series Models

3D Series HP PTO HP Details
3025D 24.7 20 Click to View
3035D 34.7 31 Click to View
3043D 42.2 36 Click to View
3E Series HP PTO HP Details
3025E 24.7 19.4 Click to View
3032E 31.2 25 Click to View
3038E 37.3 30 Click to View
3R Series HP PTO HP Details
3033R 32.2 24.3 Click to View
3039R 38.8 31.1 Click to View
3046R 45.3 36.6 Click to View

Make the Most of Your Land with the 3 Family of Tractors from John Deere

Meet The All-New John Deere 3D Compact Tractor

Get to know the mighty 3D. The heavy-duty drivetrain, simple, gear drive transmission, standard 4,409 lb (2000 kg) hauling capacity, and small size are really something to hitch your wagon to.

3 Series iMatch Quik-Knect Attatchments

No need to align splines. No muscling or forcing into position. Connect your tiller, rotary cutter or other PTO driven implement the easy way with the John Deere Quik-Knect™ System. No problem.

John Deere 3E vs Kubota L Series

Whether it’s the no-dent / no-rust hood or the whopping two foot smaller turning radius on the 3E, John Deere leaves Kubota in the dust in more ways than one.

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