About Our Augers

Need to get to the bottom of things? Look no further than our auger attachments. A combination of a heavy-duty motor and planetary-gear reduction drives the auger. You can quickly back out if you encounter an obstruction with the reverse rotation feature.

About Our Trenchers

The manual side shift allows trenching close to structures. Digging control is maintained through built0in skid shoes and indicators. Spring-loaded boom reduces stock to the hydraulic motor, machine and operator.

Planetary Drive Augers

Augers Max Auger Bit Diameter Min Hydraulic Flow Max Hydraulic Flow
PA15B 24 in. (610 mm) 6 gpm (23 L/min.) 17 gpm (64 L/min.)
PA30B 36 in. (914 mm) 14 gpm (53 L/min.) 30 gpm (114 L/min.)
PA40 36 in. (914 mm) 28 gpm (106 L/min.) 42 gpm (159 L/min.)


Trenchers Boom Size Hydraulic Oil Flow Overall Length Weight
TC36 915 mm (36 in.) 53–83 L/min. (14–22 gpm) 1855 mm (73 in.) 510 kg (1,130 lb.)
TC48 1220 mm (48 in.) 53–83 L/min. (14–22 gpm) 2185 mm (86 in.) 540 kg (1,180 lb.)
TR36B 915 mm (36 in.) 61-167 L/min. (16-44 gpm) 1855 mm (73 in.) 510 kg (1,130 lb.)
TR48B 1220 mm (48 in.) 61-167 L/min. (16-44 gpm) 2185 mm (86 in.) 540 kg (1,180 lb.)
TR60B 1525 mm (60 in.) 102-167 L/min. (27-44 gpm) 2390 mm (94 in.) 610 kg (1,335 lb.)

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