About Our Brooms

All John Deere brooms come equipped with 50/50 poly wire brush segments. Hydraulic-fluid spillage is no longer a problem as the drive motor is separate from the brush core and requires no disconnecting of hydraulic hoses. This mighty, high-torque drive motor includes the brush core though a 25.4-mm (1 in.) splined shaft.

Angle Brooms

Angle Brooms Sweeping Width (Straight) Sweeping Width (Fully Angled) Operating Weight Number of Wafers
BA72C 1,830 mm (72 in.) 1,580 mm (62 in.) 410 kg (910 lb.) 35
BA84C 2,130 mm (84 in.) 1,850 mm (73 in.) 440 kg (960 lb.) 41
BA96C 2,440 mm (96 in.) 2,110 mm (83 in.) 460 kg (1,010 lb.) 47

Pick-Up Brooms

Pick-Up Brooms Sweeping Width Operating Weight Number of Wafers
BP72C 1,830 mm (72 in.) 580 kg (1,275 lb.) 41
BP84C 2,130 mm (84 in.) 640 kg (1,400 lb.) 49
BR60C 1,520 mm (60 in.) 400 kg (880 lb.) 33
BR72C 1,830 mm (72 in.) 440 kg (970 lb.) 41
BR84C 2,130 mm (84 in.) 500 kg (1,090 lb.) 49

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