John Deere S240 Sport Lawn Tractor

The 200 Series comes loaded with everything to make lawn care a labor of love.

S240 Sport Engine Deck Transmission Drive System Warranty Details
S240, 42-in. Deck 21.5 hp* 42-in Accel Deep™ Heavy Duty, Two Pedal Hydrostatic 2-wheel drive 3 year/200 hour1  Click to View

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Accel Deep 42″ Mower Deck

With the S240’s 42″ Accel Deep mower deck you can achieve optimal performance and spread your clippings at even faster mowing speeds.  Compatible with MulchControl™.

Don’t Run Dry with the MowerPlus Fuel Gauge

Even in low light situations, the MowerPlus fuel gauge is easy to read at a glance. Don’t run dry mid field!

More Power

The S240 comes with our premium Twin Engine and a whopping 21.5 horsepower to take on any task.

Front Bumper

Standard on the S240, the front bumper allows operators to ride with confidence.

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