John Deere The Work Series Utility Vehicles

Gas, diesel or electric, pick the Gator UV that’s right for you. And let’s get to work.

Compare John Deere Work Series Utility Vehicles

The Work Series HP/Volts Power Source Max Speed Cargo Capacity Towing Capacity Payload Capacity Details
HPX615E 20 hp Gasoline 25 mph 1000 lb 1300 lb 1400 lb Click to View
HPX815E 18.2 hp Diesel 25 mph 1000 lb 1300 lb 1400 lb Click to View
TE 4×2 Electric 6 hp/48 volt Electric 15 mph 500 lb 500 lb 900 lb Click to View
TH 6×4 Diesel 18.5 hp Diesel 20 mph 1200 lb 1400 lb 1600 lb Click to View
TS 4×2 13.5 hp Gasoline 20 mph 500 lb 900 lb 900 lb Click to View
TX 4×2 15.5 hp Gasoline 20 mph 600 lb 1000 lb 1000 lb Click to View

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Ready to Work as Hard as You Do

  • Precise breaking system
  • Gas assist shock beds
  • Pick-up style tailgate folds out to 90 degrees, and down a full 150

Come Together with the Convenient Cargo Box

  • 16.4 cu. ft. (.56 cu. m.) can handle a thousand pounds with ease
  • Removable composite side panels for convenience at your fingertips
  • Optional cargo box dividers and side extensions

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