Iron Tree Solutions, located at 9014 Abel Road in Williams, CA, held a successful Field Day on June 30thThis event was held in order to show off a variety of equipment, as well as have vendors connect with youGrowers and new customers! Everyone there was able to view and test drive equipment. A multitude of vendors came out that day to show off their equipment, including Holt Ag Solutions, Nelson Mfg., N&S Tractor, Weiss McNair, and of course, us at Valley Truck & Tractor Co, plus nearly 25 more vendors! There was plenty of equipment on display at vendor booths. 

In the Dirt

There was also equipment in the dirt showing off what they could do. The vendors there showed off some killer equipment. Holt demoed their Fendt FT933G6 tractor and Wilcox 21” Finishing Chisel. N&S showed off their Class Axion tractor and Tigermate 255 cultivator. At Valley, we demonstrated our several of our 8 and 9 series with many different pieces of equipment including: the Landoll Ripoll Performer, the Landoll Grader, and the Iron Tree Swing Blade. We also showcased two 5 series with Key Dollar Cabs. 

In the dirt, Randy Luke and his team also showed off an impressive CCE obstacle course. This year, the fastest time earned a John Deere Lit Cooler. Everyone had a blast driving around the skid steer and scooping dirt with the excavator. 

Virtual Reality Tent

Valley also put together an impressive Virtual Reality Tent. Inside, we had pallet couches to sit on, and hay bales to prop your feet up and relax in this nice, spacious and air-conditioned tent. In addition, we had a real gator bed holding ice cold beverages. 

The stars of the show, however, were the Integrated Solutions (IS) display and VR setup. Here, IS had a two-part demonstration: one teammate was out in the dirt showing what the tech set up looked like in the cab, and in the tent another teammate showed live tracking on the tractor being demoed, showing their path, fuel usage, and more! The Valley IT department also helped set up our virtual reality experience. Equipped with an Oculus headset and cozy John Deere branded chair, you were able to experience a side-by-side virtual view of different John Deere models.

A ke Taco

After cooling off in the VTT tent, folks were ready to chow down on some delicious tacos catered by A ke Taco. Tacos, rice, beans, delicious salsas and refreshing agua fresca were a smash hit, and everything was free of charge for all guests. Personally, our favorites were the chicken tacos and homemade horchata! 

Field of Dreams

We’d also like to give a shout out to Tom Dermody and his charity, Field of Dreams. Field of Dreams consists of group of outdoor enthusiasts who are dedicated to providing the means and opportunity to participate in activities like hunting and fishing, to special needs kids, individuals who have served in the US military, and/or their children.  Many of the proceeds made from Iron Tree Field Day were donated to this wonderful organization. Field of Dreams also raffled off a gun safe, and Valley raffled of a gun from Kittles located in Colusa. 

All in all, Iron Tree Field Day was a wonderful success. We’d like to thank all that joined us that day and all who made this event happen. We hope to see you next year for more Tractors, Tillage and Tacos!