The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Are you looking to move forward into a rewarding career that can last a lifetime? Then the John Deere Tech Program at Valley Truck and Tractor may be right for you. We are looking for a select few individuals to sponsor and support through a two-year degree and internship program to become a certified John Deere Service Technician. Are you ready for the future to begin?

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A Launching Point for a Great Career

In the Valley, it takes highly skilled technicians to keep today’s high-tech agricultural equipment running. The John Deere Tech program is an educational experience designed to upgrade the technical competence and professional skills of incoming John Deere employees and enhance the skills of existing John Deere personnel. The program consists of classroom lectures and laboratory experiences on actual John Deere products and includes a unique paid cooperative work experience for students at a Valley Truck and Tractor Company. The curriculum was designed in partnership with the John Deere Corporation and is maintained with input from an advisory committee of local and regional dealership employees and John Deere personnel.

Build a Career Block

Are You Ready?

Are you ready for a career working with high-tech sophisticated machines in a career field that is always growing? John Deere is the worldwide leader in machinery manufacturing, and the industry is always in need of technicians who love working with their hands and understand technology to keep the agricultural industry moving forward.

A Path to Leadership

At Valley Truck and Tractor, our service technicians have opportunity for growth in their careers. As they learn each day, and become more proficient in their work through extensive training, individuals may become eligible to become apart of our leadership programs. Increasing through the ranks will lead to opportunities for higher payrates.

A Purpose and a Paycheck

Considering trade school? The John Deere tech program may be a better solution. Paid tuition and books, a hands-on paid internship in our shops, and a guaranteed job upon successful completion. What trade school can offer that? Agriculture is the backbone of our nation, and as long as farmers are in the fields, our service technicians will be there to keep them running.

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Scholarship Opportunities

As part of our sponsorship, Valley Truck and Tractor awards each student a scholarship to cover the cost of tuition, fees, and books needed to complete the program.

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Get Paid While Learning

Apply what you learn in the classroom to actual machinery under the watchful eye of certified Master Service Technicians at one of our nine store locations, as we pay you to work as an intern between school sessions. On top of that, you’ll graduate with a job already lined up with competitive pay and benefits.

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Earn Your AAAS Degree

Valley Truck and Tractor’s JD Tech students earn their Associate in Arts and Sciences Degree from Walla Walla Community College in Washington state. Never spent time out of state? No problem! We help arrange housing, provide guidance and more.

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