Here at Valley Truck & Tractor Co., we are confident in the products that we sell. That’s why today we are going to do a direct comparison of our John Deere 4R Series Compact Utility Tractor against the Kubota L6060, and see who reigns supreme!

Cab Design

Both cabs feature a spacious, open platform with a tilt steering wheel. However, only John Deere comes equipped with well-placed, color-coded controls and a wonderful suspension seat that can swivel with ease and makes checking on rear implements quick and easy.


Both models showcase excellent front headlights! John Deere, however, goes the extra mile by adding fender mounted side lights on its open station tractors. This results in stronger light on either side of the machine. Don’t let poor visibility stop you from working when you need to!


Both the Kubota L6060 and John Deere 4066R include a clutch free hydrostatic. But John Deere exclusively offers comfortable and simple performance with its twin touch pedals. John Deere also offers the PowrReverser, a sturdy gear transmission which offers a clutch free reverser. All you must do is switch the lever from forward to reverse, creating a great, cost efficient transmission for loader work. On the other hand, the L6060 uses old fashioned treadle pedals which do not offer high quality performance, and they do not offer the unique PowrReverser.

Power Take Off

Both tractors feature fully independent PTO. The John Deere 4Rs PTO features an exclusive e-PTO, which saves you fuel with light power take-off work, and can run a 540 PTO speed with just 1800 rpms on the engine! Lower engine speed equals less noise, less engine wear and increased savings on fuel that can save you thousands of dollars throughout the years! To compare, the L6060 has to run 800 rpms faster to get a 540 PTO speed, which will result in a louder tractor that is more susceptible to engine wear and uses more fuel in comparison to the John Deere 4R.

3-Point Hitch Implements

John Deere 4R showcases a premium feature hydraulic downforce. The Kubota L6060s 3-point is typical for tractors in this price and horsepower range, where hydraulics power the implement going up, but let gravity take charge when the implement is down. Some implements, like a box blade or post hole digger, benefit from hydraulic down pressure, which is exactly what the John Deere 4R offers. This means more holes dug in a shorter amount of time, and more advanced digging from box and rear blades.

Ride & Stability

Both tractors work great on stable, flat surfaces. But if you need to navigate hills, ditches, or rough terrain, you’ll appreciate the wider stance on the John Deere 4R. With optional wheel spacers, you get a wider rear wheel stance for optimized stability.


The John Deere 4R and Kubota L6060 have similar loaders with similar specs. But John Deere’s loader comes with mechanical self-leveling! The bucket angle set by you stays constant as you lift your bucket from the ground up, and from up to down. The Kubota L6060 loader does snatch a win in the height department, measuring in a few inches taller than the John Deere 4R.

Rear Implement Hookup

The Kubota L6060 has telescopic lower links, which are helpful, but doesn’t make the job all that easy. You’ve got to get in and out of your seat to reposition the tractor. Then you have to change the height of the three point, which luckily, you can do from the ground and not the cab itself. Hitch Assist on the John Deere 4R makes attaching implements a breeze. First you backup your 4R close to the implement, then use the fender mounted auxiliary 3-point hitch control to fine tune the position of the lower lengths. You can even use the hitch assist controls to move your tractor forward and reverse while you attach your implement!

Tool Storage

Both models offer tool storage boxes on their tractors. In addition, John Deere 4R offers a second tool box that you can hold a variety of tools in, from log chains, large tools, and even your on the job snacks and lunch!

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