John Deere Wants to Tell Your Story

Over the past two years, John Deere has featured actual customers in national advertising, and this
year, they’re looking for the best customer stories around, from all around the U.S. and Canada.
Here are some examples of real stories of John Deere owners recently featured:

The Frels’ Land
The Gammies Orchard
Renae’s 1025R Review

Interested? Here’s How to Throw Your Cap Into the Ring

Tell Us About Yourself:

You’ve got the products John Deere is looking to feature and a story worth telling. Whether
that’s your love of the land, your product, or you’ve done some amazing things with your John
Deere, they want to hear all about it. So how do you tell your story? That’s up to you. But we
recommend submitting a video or write up that touches on the following info:

Personal Information
● Your location, name, and age
● Who are the primary users of your equipment
● Video or detailed description and pictures of your property.
● What “Nothing Runs Like A Deere” means to you.

Equipment Information
● The model of your John Deere equipment and how long you’ve had it (specifically, John
Deere Compact Utility Tractors, Gator™ Utility Vehicles, Riding Lawn Tractors, and/or
ZTrak™ Mowers, with a focus on the following models:

  • Compact Utility Tractors: 1 Series and 3 Series – Models 1025R and 3025E
  • Riding Lawn Tractors: X300 Select Series – Model X350
  • Zero-Turn Mowers: Z500 Series ZTrak™ – Model Z530
  • Utility Vehicles: Full and Mid-Size Gator™ – Models XUV835M and XUV590M

● Video or pictures of your equipment (both on its own and with you on it)
● What you call your equipment, if you have a name for them.
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Working Information
● Projects you’ve done with your equipment and what you most often use it for
● Future projects you have planned that will require you to use your John Deere.
● Memories you’ve made with your John Deere equipment.
● Your passion for the work you do and the equipment you have.
● How you help people in your community with your John Deere or if anyone has helped you
with theirs.
● A shift in your outlook or attitude when it comes to work once you bought your John Deere.

Feel free to include any additional information you feel is relevant to making your story as
captivating as possible. Have fun, get creative, and do whatever you feel best represents you
as a John Deere owner.

To Submit: Please email any submissions no later than August 11, 2021 directly to for consideration, and a casting agent may be in touch
with you.